Insurance Industry

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Program Overview

RevTech Labs Insurtech runs in parallel with our established RevTech Labs Fintech program. This program is designed to accelerate growth for start-ups in the insurtech space, and does so by providing start-ups with mentorship, investment prep, and connections to industry leading companies. Similar to our Fintech program, RevTech Labs Insurtech offers two different tracks, depending on stage of the company.



This is a 12-week long program designed for post-launch, post-revenue insurtech startups. Each Founder receives intensive mentorship from leading insurance executives, business development professionals, attorneys and venture capitalists. 

Accepted companies receive an upfront capital infusion of at least $40,000 with the potential for follow-on funding for the top performers in the program.


This is a year long program focused on later-stage insurtech startups. This program also includes intensive mentorship with a focus on helping Founders shift their mindset to that of a CEO. This program is centered heavily on sales and growth, with roadshows to help our Founders gain exposure and garner financial interest.   

Our Toolbox

Advisory Boards

We will match Founders with 10 - 12 SMEs to discuss overall strategy, product development & other growth opportunities. 

Mentor Platform

Founders will have access to a robust network of high-level decision-makers & C-suite executives for mentorship. Our mentor matching system places Founders with the exact subject matter expertise they need to take their business to the next level.

Alpha Labs

This is RevTech Labs proprietary alpha testing platform. Twice per year, we match founders with alpha users in their target market to provide feedback and share ideas based on their user experience testing the founder's platform for 4-6 weeks.

Discovery Labs

This is RevTech Lab's proprietary pilot testing program. We match Founders with companies that will either provide POC or customer discovery feedback or, if the startup is far along enough, will fully pilot their solution. 


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